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I write just to let you know that Txikimorin has fisioned in facebook. As some of you may know we are twins and now we've made separate accounts in facebook.
So if anyone is interested in following us or whatever, you can also find our drawings here:

I was bored so I thought it would be nice to do a livestream of a demon portrait, so...if you want to take a look I'll be drawing for like 2 hours or so here:

It looks like live streaming is getting very famous among artist, so I'm thinking of starting to do some sketches or so, to learn the program, and as soon as I have time I will be doing Link vs Twinrova in live stream, so if anyone is interested in watching the process I use or just want to spend some time watching how it comes to live or speaking about any zelda theory or curiosities u may know, i'll be pleased to have you there as I'm painting.
I will be posting here the dates and hour I'll be livestreaming so you can check it out if you are curious.
See you soon!
Even better than having 1000 watchers,
Thank u all the watchers, this is something that when i entered deviantart 5 years ago seemed to be so impossible!
I Must Do some new picture soon, for all of you!!!
Many of you will know, that there has been a countdown on this site

itīs about a Majoraīs Mask soundtrack revision, the countdown started three days ago, three days before the end of the world. (Does that say something to you..?)
The soundtrack is soooo awesome now that the countdown ended, so please listen to it!
There is no credit for me in this, I just wanna share the incredible experience

This is our first journal, I say our for those who don't know that Txikimorin is an account that we, Julen & Xabier Urrutia are sharing.
I write this journal just cause the word journal is so similar to the word Journey. The thing is that yesterday we went to a conference by Kellee Santiago, developer of the fantastic game Journey, at Bilbao's Guggenheim, and I must say it was a very touching experience, for those who played the game and know the story, That Company Game's Journey is literally that game company's journey, I mean, the game reflects all the emotional phases of the developing, the nice feelings, the doubts, the hard times when you don't know wether you'll be able to achieve your goal or fail trying... It was a really nice expierence, similar to playing the game.
when the conference and the question ended, she signed an autograph in a little Journey sketch Julen did in a notebook, she liked the drawing :D, and well, that's pretty much all I wanted to share...
I may write again some other day, when something great happens again, i don't know...the Hobbit maybe? haha
Ok, that's all!